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Looking Ahead

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A look at the Sabres next five opponents

Montreal Canadiens: The Habs shocked everyone by rag dolling the Detroit Red Wings in the last game before the All Star Break, 7-2!! That snapped the Red Wings win streak of 7 in a row. The Habs are 9-9-7 at home while the Sabres who will finally be completing what will ultimately be a long disappointing road trip are currently 1-5-0 and being out scored 24-9. As they say though its not how you start its how you finish. Buffalo leads season series 2-0

New York Rangers: Rangers start a 2 game road trip with a stop against their bitter rivals from New Jersey. The Rangers are 16-7-2 on the road, The Rangers have outscored 13-9 this month on the road all of their victories on the road the Rangers mustered up 3 goals their only loss out of their last 5 road games was against the Montreal Canadiens where they got pumped 4-1. Rangers lead season series 1-0

New York Islanders: The Isles will begin a 4 game road trip with stops in Carolina before playing back to back with a stop in Ottawa and than coming to Buffalo than they will head to Philly. The Islanders are coming of a disappointing home and home with the Leafs which saw them drop the first 3-0 and blowing a 2-0 lead at home and losing in overtime. The Islanders however do have Wins against the Capitals (3-0) and the Flyers (4-1) on the road this month. The islanders are 8-11-3 so far on the road. Isles lead season series 2-0

Boston Bruins: Oh how we loathe this matchup, The Bruins roll into town again February 8th. The Bruins are a ridiculous 15-7-0 on the road BUT The Bruins are 3-3 in their last 6 road games being outscored 22-21. The Bruins will make a stop in Washington before they come to Buffalo. Bruins lead Season Series 2-0

Dallas Stars: This is the first and only meeting between the Stars and Sabres and how this matchup brings back painful memories of playoffs past. The Stars are 11-12-0 on the road this year they are 2-3 in their last 5 road games being outscored 16-13. Stars will make 2 stops in Anaheim and San Jose on the road and a stop in Columbus than into Buffalo as a back to back for them.
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