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"Sabres Win Cup!"
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10 Reasons the Sabres will win tonight

1 – Sabres skate like the wind, Witt and co. is just too dam slow
2 – Islanders have nothing left after giving max efforts in games 2 and 3
3 - Roy, Afinigenov, Vanek line will dominate
4 – Miller is better than Dipeitro
5 – Mike Schopp says so... and Bulldog agreed (imagine that?)
6 - Chris Drury is a hockey god and the complete antithesis of isles captain Alexei Yahsin
7 – The official’s and the league are pulling for the Sabres (so says Ted Nolan)
8 – The Islanders cannot play any better than they already have
9 – Satan and Islanders are looking for a reason to quit
10 – Jason Blake – is absolutely MIA

10 Reasons the Islanders will win tonight

1 – Faceoffs, Faceoffs Faceoffs
2 – Desperation
3 – Nolan’s motivational magic
4 - Dipeitro is better than Miller
5 – Satan will find the mark and stop clanging the post
6 – Mair, Zubrus and Kalinin have been the sabers best players
7 – The Sabres are still over-confident
8 – We’re Buffalo – destined for another colossal meltdown
9 - Ryan Smyth is almost as nails as Chris Drury
10 – Mystique of Nassau Coliseum (perhaps not?)

SABRES 5 - 1... Afiinegenov turns the trick

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