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Fight Fire With Fire

Posted 6:28 PM ET | Comments 0
Many of you flames fans out there including myself, are feeling very weary about managements goals that are said and un-said. Jay is a great hockey man, and may or may not have drafted the next Nieuwendyk, we'll just have to wait. Now clearly stuff needs to happen before on and after July first, beginning with the trade of failure Jay Bouwmeester. Jay hasn't even come close to being the guy he was in Florida and should be sent back to florida for one of there many prospects at centre... Nick Bjustad, Quinten Howden,etc. Secondly, our core has yet to get it going and needs a shake up, apart from Score - Face, Tangs, Cammy and Iggy, anyone is game including Kipper. Why you ask? because Kipper and to some extent Iggy (up for debate) has the ability to bring Calgary considerable assets that will build our future while giving themselves the ability to play for a true contender and challenge for the cup this year, while being able to come back to calgary when the last year of there deals are completed (so next year). Giving up Kipper and possibly Iggy for a year to acquire assets and letting them have a better chance at the cup and bringing them back next year makes a ton of sense to me. What say you?
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