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Moving Dmen

Posted 8:14 PM ET | Comments 0
When I look at the Sabres roster for next year, the one glaring thing that sticks out is the number of d-men they have.

As it stand right now they have Ehrhoff, Regher, Myers, Leopold, Weber, Sekera, Sulzer, McNabb, and Pardy. Thats 9 NHL Dman. Somethings gotta give, somebody's goina get moved out. The big question is who, and for what?

First of all, let's look at who WON'T move. Myers isn't going anywhere, I don't care what anybody says. Ehrhoff has the no movement, the long contact, all that, he's not going anywhere either. Regher has the no movement, and only 1 year left. His value will have dropped anyway with his on ice preformance last year. After that, anybody's game.
Question is, who has value, and what can you get in return. The two names that I think will move will be Sekera or Leopold. I know Buffalo wants a centerman, can we get one for either of those two plus a prospect and a pick?? Only time will tell, but I see Buffalo moving a dman out in the very near future..

Whats your thoughts on the matter??
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