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Overall, Buffalo Sabres general manager Darcy Regier is playing it smart as the NHL is amidst the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement. Only 2 players on the roster have a higher salary cap hit than $6 million for the next season (Ryan Miller-$6.3 M, Thomas Vanek-$7.1 M). In the case the $58 million salary cap is agreed upon, player movement to Rochester to cut accounted payroll could be easily done. The status of Tyler Ennis' new contract is in question, however, Regier is smart to wait for the new CBA before writing a new contract. As Ottawa Senator's forward Kyle Turris signed for an annual salary of $3.5 million after accumulating 12 goals and 17 assists (career high), Ennis could be look for that or more based upon his higher production media sources say. Being too quick to sign Ennis could put the team in a financial bind with a lower salary camp. Regier has always been the cautious, patient type (and been criticized for it, but this time caution may be needed. Luckily for Regier, he has not had to deal with a great number of contract extensions during this off-season. But when the agreement is made, we will see how Regier can put together a competitive team for the seasons to come.
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