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Sunday Funday

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The Sabres play their 2nd of 11 Sunday games this season today at 3. They come into a Capitals team that is just as lost as they are. The sabres need to use their speed to get open looks and put pucks on the net.

The Capitals are 0-3-1 in their first 4. Sabres need to find their stride and get more scoring from other lines. As mentioned in my previous post the new lineup changes will hopefully spark some offense.

Mikhail Grigorenko might be scratched today as Lindy eluded he would like more practice time with him before he plays in 5 NHL games and they Sabres are forced to decide on his fate.

Face offs are another problem the Sabres have had this year. Never thought I would actually miss Roy and Gausted. The sabres are not winning face offs which causes them to have to skate for 30 to 40 sec before getting the puck on every shift. They need to get their win percentage up over 50 today.

Keys to the game

1. Speed up and down the ice

2. Scoring from 2nd, 3rd, or 4th line

3. Faceoffs
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