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Anyone who follows the edmonton oilers knows thar their bottom six needs help. I feel that simon gagne is the perfect low risk, high reward 3rd line option. Let me mske my case. I know what you will all say, ""we dont need an older, injury prone forward!" Sure he comes with injury issues, but as of right now is there a better 3rd line option within the orgsnization? He brings size at 6'1 195lbs snd brings better 2way play then any winger currently slotted for the 3rd line. Gange also brings a pedigree of a first line forward and could temperarely fill a spot if we were tovhave to start the season wothout a top line forward ;-).

All I'm saying is that there is absolutely no risk to this deal but it could help the special teams and the overall depth of the club this year.
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