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"In Shero(?) We Trust"
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At 7:00 PM EST the Devils will greet the Isles in their future home at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. For the Devils, this is a very important game: <br /><br /> 1.) Today, Schneider has a chance to claim the starting role. Although it will always be said that Brodeur is the #1 goalie, if Schneider displays anything like his game against the Rangers, Brodeur will have to step off. Many Devils fans painfully watched Brodeur give up 4 goals, two of them shorthanded in the first period against the Isles just a few days ago. Although Brodeur pulled it together in the second, Schneider was overwhelmingly better. <br /><br /> 2.) The left wing on the Devils' 3rd line has been narrowed down. With Clowe's injury, although not serious, Brunner is given a free pass onto the team. I expect around 3 years at 3 million a year. With this said, that leaves Olesz, Josefson, and Tedenby for a spot on the 3rd line, since Boucher has been cut. I think Tedenby has a minor injury. If that is the case, I expect to see both Olesz and Josefson competing for a spot. My prediction is that Olesz gets it, even if it is only until Clowe comes back and Brunner takes it from him. <br /><br /> 3.) Possibly the most controversial topic is how the defence will look come October. Although it seems like a no-brainer that Merill should be put in the lineup it may not happen. I think Gelinas has secured a spot, leaving the rest to Lou. Will he trade? If so, who? It seems, at this point, we are stuck with Sal, Zid and A-Train. Which leaves the most likely candidates as Fayne and Harrold. If one of them is traded, Merill would find a spot on the team. <br /><br /> This is how I'd like to see the lineup during the regular season: <br /><br />Jagr-Henrique-Elias<br /> Ryder-Zajac-Brunner <br /> Olesz (If Ted is injured)-Loktionov-Zubrus <br /> CBGB <br /><br /> Merill-Gelinas <br />Greene-Zid<br /> Volchenkov-Larsson<br /> Fayne<br /><br /> Schneider<br /> Brodeur<br /><br /> I have to say, that's a very solid lineup. <br /> Thanks for reading!
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