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More importantly, they need talented grit/heart/character/toughness/size. Briere was signed to simply satisfy the french media/fans. Parros was signed to simply satisfy the angry fans who are sick of their beloved Habs being pushed and bullied around by the majority of NHL teams. These signings are irrelevant and fail to address any real need since both players are past their prime. The Habs are playing catch up to the rest of the league, since the last 10 years have been dedicated to drafting small/undersized players. Signing Brandon Prust has proven to be the best FA aquisition for the team in the past 20 years. The Habs should now be focusing on building from this signing. Clarkson/Horton/Clowe were all overpaid on July 5th, but so was Prust last year. Wasting money on Briere was a terrible decision, as were the 2 DD signings. I sure hope MB has a trade in the works for what the team really needs......talented grit/heart/character/toughness/size.
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