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"Go With The Flo"
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Words With Friends

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Today's challenge:

To come up with one stupendous word to describe whatever I feel like describing, and to use it in a sentence.

Devan Dubnyk: His potential for being bad is abyssopelagic.

Ales Hemsky: Unless he's scoring a highlight reel goal, he looks like a somnambulist.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: His perspicaciousness more than makes up for his lack of size.

Dallas Eakins: He should bring some stability after a phantasmagorial coaching carousel.

Taylor Hall: He was the correct choice in 2010, unlike all the infelicitous draft picks in years prior.

Calgary Flames Fans: They will pay for their epicaricacy when they finish last this year.

Ryan Smyth: I fear he will be lachrymose this season.

Jordan Eberle: His skating is mellifluous.

Mike Brown: He definitely does not suffer from triskaidekaphobia.

Andrew Ference: I really hope his senescence doesn't become noticeable.

Nail Yakupov: I hope he improves his English because he's very loquacious.

Hopefully we're past our inchoate stage, because we need to win before any victory becomes pyrrhic. Oh, and a special thank you to Sam Gagner for being a myrmidon.
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big words hurt my head.
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