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Patience is a word that sits like a an oversized lump of rock stuck in all Sabres fans throats.

Would it be an easier digestion if that word was not coming from the mouth of one Darcy Regier? Most certainly, however, it's the sad reality for all Buffalo fans this year, and most likely for the next one to two years on top of that.

Feel free to throw up at any second.

From the handling of Mikhail Grigorenko to the mystery sitting of Rasmus Ristolainen (bench, meet Tallinder, immediately please) in favor of Nikita Zadorov, fresh off an injury, while the ship isn't completely rudderless, it sure seems that way.

Yes, the Sabres have a large supply of young players that all need careful watch towards their respective development so the team knows, as quickly as possible, which of them is worth building around, but there is only one true fix, one correction, that can be made, and must be made immediately, that can turn the fans minds around from sickness to at least a glimmer of hope, and that change has been ringing the rafters of the First Niagra Center at recent home games.

Fire Darcy Regier.

The quality of the job Darcy has done at the last two drafts (the duo of centers & duo of defensemen), or recent trades (Hodgson for Kassian, Pominville for a large return) notwithstanding, he must go, as all of the moves made above have the feel of bandaids on broken legs that litter the Sabres from top to bottom.

There can be no more bandaids applied by Darcy, as until he is replaced, nothing he does or can do will be met with anything other than total pessimism, and justifiably so based on the last 6 years.

It must be done. There is no longer an option. Time has run out.
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October 22, 2013 4:54 PM ET | Delete
all very good points. i dont have a problem with them being bad. on paper, darcy has addressed some major deficiencies on this team over the last few drafts. he has stopped going after small, passive players and has FINALLY started drafting bigger guys- a model that most other teams are following. miller and vanek should have been moved before the season started. they will both be past their prime by the time the kids are ready to compete. everybody knows that black friday is the best time to shop for deals, but if your tv breaks in january, you dont wait til the day after thanksgiving to go get a new one. the sabres have needed a washing machine, a tv, a lawn mower, and a few other appliances for years. gaustad should have been moved the minute the boston game ended when milan lucic crucified ryan miller. darcy chose to sit on his hands and watch the team free fall until the deadline when he made a deal with a team that looked like they were going to get exactly one look at a cup and therefore were willing to overpay for a third line center that could win most of his faceoffs. and as far as the other raping and pillaging of other GMs that darcy has done, what exactly has hodgson done that makes anybody believe he is anything better than a nice #2 center on a team that regularly misses the playoffs? we need some new eyes evaluating talent here. sooner would be better than later.
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