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By Erik Caron

The common theme this offseason has been the Bruins stay in cap hell and some have even suggested next offseason will be just as hard when the Bruins have more of their own key free agents to sign to new contracts. First line center David Krejci is just one of the Bruins upcoming pending free agents who will be looking for a deal in the summer of 2015. Aside from young cornerstone defenseman Dougie Hamilton, Krejci will be the Bruins most important free agent and someone who they will likely not want to hit the market as he will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time. Krejci is coming off a three year deal that cost the Bruins a cap hit of 5.2 mil a season and will certainly be in line for a raise whether it’s from the Bruins or another team on the open market.

So just how much can Krejci expect to make on his next deal?

If the Market has anything to say about it he could be looking at a deal along the lines of the four year contract worth 28 million that former Avalanche center Paul Stastny signed with the Blues. Krecji and Dallas Center Jason Spezza will be the big fish for centers if either makes it to free agency in the summer of 2015. The Bruins will be looking to sign Krejci to a team cap friendly number so they can continue to add supporting cast and other needs to their roster. A number that might make sense for both sides at least to me would be around 6.5 million a season over the course of four years

After a disappointing and uncharacteristic showing of only four points in 12 games with no goals for Krejci in this past post season some fans have suggested trading krejci out of town. Some are saying former Boston forward Tyler Seguin should have taken Krejci’s spot at center. Media and fans alike even suggested slotting Swedish forward Carl Soderberg in Krejci’s spot between linemates Milan Lucic and Jarome Iginla and bumping him down to the third line. Many have already forgotten Krejci’s heroics during the 2011 post season when the Bruins hoisted the cup for the first time in 39 years. The fact of the matter aside from this past post season, David Krejci has been a monster in the playoffs. He put up 12 goals out of nowhere in the 2011 post season after only scoring 13 goals total during the regular season. In 2013 when the Bruins made another deep run in the post season and came within two games of another Stanley Cup, Krejci was at it again with 26 points in 22 games played.

The fact of the matter is the Bruins should do whatever they can to get Krejci signed to a new deal before he has a chance to hit the Free agency market. Krejci is a member of the Bruins core and is part of a valuable one two punch down the middle along with forward Patrice Bergeron. The Bruins system depends on having a 1 and 1 A center and losing him would be a huge blow to the Bruins line up. The last few teams to win the cup all had something in common and that was solid depth down the middle among other things and that includes the Bruins team that won the cup in 2011.

I was as mad as the next Bruins fan as I watched Montreal crush the Bruins golden season while neutralizing the Bruins first line for much of the series. Krejci will rebound in the post season though especially during a contract year. The projected arrival of forward Loui Eriksson will do wonders for Krejci’s game. Krejci could be just what Eriksson needs and is another guy who isn’t high on Bruins fan’s list right now. The two could redeem themselves though forming a dynamic pair together on the Bruins first line. Krejci will prove to the Bruins brass and anyone else who may or may not be questioning him that last year’s playoff performance was a fluke and will prove his worth again.
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