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With the rumored hiring of Bryan Trottier, another chapter between Sabres and the Islanders is added. So much to review between the two teams, especially with the upcoming season, where as a Sabres fan, we are rooting obviously for the Islanders to be stale potato chip bad....to keep it limited to the Trottier hire.....by this logic, would Trotts be enemies or neutral with Lafontaine and take the job knowing that either Lafontaine has his issues, he, Trottier, really needs a job or Trottier knows he's behind the bench, not in the office like Patty was? I may have answered my own question, but think it's worth mentioning.....what do you think?
Also, I hope Matt Moulson is made Captain and not Gionta. Your thoughts also on who should be the Captain of the Sabres.

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