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Downie up

Posted 9:49 PM ET | Comments 0
When I first heard that the Pittsburgh Penguins had acquired Steve Downie I was excited because he is a guy who can play in a bottom 6 role and even help put some pucks in the net. I still think he can put pucks in the net, however I am getting tired of him playing in the penalty box. He has a league high 78 PIMs which is not helping the Penguins at all. His selfish penalty he took in the 3rd period tonight (11/22/14) allowed the Islanders to get a power play goal to extend their lead.

If I were Mike Johnson I would keep him out of the lineup because Downie is just causing more problems than not. If I am Jim Rutherford, I would consider moving Downie in exchange for a player who is of equal talent and takes less penalty's. It is hard to score or help your team when you are in the penalty box.

Giving credit, Downie has been a good addition and does give the pens the grit they had been missing.

Thank you for reading, please share your input
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