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No worries

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If anyone believes for one minute Katz.MacT.and the entire management doesn't know what they are doing then its your fault for not paying attention.#1-Katz is a savy buisness man who thinks and plans long term and large.#2-Mac T is an extremely intelligent hockey man that knows what pieces are needed and will do what it takes to aquire them.The players brought in primarily are here to bridge the gap.he beefed up the bottom 6 who play a tonne of minutes so our young core can develop and learn the game at this level without having their jerseys plastered into the boards constantly.Katz has commited a huge amount of cash and resources into the over all plan and we will see an amazing team here in a short time.and for a long time .Mcdavid is exactly what this franchise needs and another 52 games after 8 crappy years is worth the wait in spades.Even if management loses the lottery an extremely solid #2 pick out of Boston College will Solidify our team for many years.There is a much larger picture to look at than what we see on the ice now,and it's going to be High Definition like never before.....introducing at centre ice,#97 Connor Mcdavid.....Think about it,not in a million years could we get a player of that calibre.a centreman we so badly need,in a trade...52 games 4 short months to go.
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