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The Cloutier situation
By Rich Hammond on June 23, 2008 1:46 PM

Here's the deal, according to the Kings...

Before Cloutier was placed on waivers, he was examined by Dr. Ronald Kvitne, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon, who determined that Cloutier was healthy enough to play. Cloutier sought a second opinion, and that doctor also deemed him healthy enough to play.

So the Kings went ahead, put Cloutier on waivers and bought out his contract.

Now, Cloutier wants to seek a third opinion. If that doctor says Cloutier is unable to play, the buyout might be nullified and Cloutier might get his $3.1 million, but the Kings would be able to get salary-cap relief through a long-term injury situation. But first, we'll have to see what this third doctor says. What a mess.

When will this end!

The Kings extended qualifing offers to the following:

Erik Ersberg
Gabe Gauthier
Peter Harrold
Matt Moulson
Patrick O'Sullivan
Joe Piskula
Brad Richardson
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