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Proving them wrong...

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So a little more than 5 weeks into the NHL season,the Islanders are already proving the so-called 'experts' wrong.Expected to finish dead last once again,we are nearly in 1st place in the Atlantic Division,and have 3-4 games in hand.Last night,I was watching Sportscenter.And then comes the NHL round up on the night,with their 'expert' Barry (Lose the F**king Mullet) Melrose.So they go over the highlights from the Devils-Rangers game.The guy asks Melrose how they're (the Rangers) are going to fair in the Division.And Melrose starts going over the teams and how they're all tough in that division.Names EVERY team BUT the Islanders.What does he have against us?Unless we make a trade,like we did last year,we will not get noticed by Melrose.I don't know what it is.

Anyway,we're proving them wrong again and they don't even mention us unless it is a network in New York (SNY doesn't really even mention us).Just hoping the boys keep this up.The return of The Captain tonight and the former Calder winner, Berard,should bring us back together again with great leadership and offense from the two (as well as defense from Berard).

See you all in April.
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