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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
The day before the Sharks play the Flyers I am thinking about the last game. The last game I was sweating and on the edge of my seat. I LOVE games like that. We had fights we had good skating and just one hell of an exciting game.

A lot of people seem to be worried about the flyers. I have watched only this one game and have to say they looked fine to me. This next game I think will be another great game. The teams are rested and should have a lot of energy.

On the Sharks side of things:

Thorton Where has he been? I know he has been playing ok but I don't see that HOLY COW ITS JOE THORTON domination of the puck. I hope Thorton gets his Jumbo back. Maybe I am being too critical he does have 5 points in 6 games.

Cheechoo with 6 points in 6 games I'm pretty happy with. He is looking more like the Cheechoo of a few years back. I can't wait to see his next hattrick.

Prediction for the next game....I don't know if I can' predict anything other than I will have a lot of yelling and screaming at the TV. There will be cheers and swear words, possibly seconds apart.
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October 22, 2008 12:12 AM ET | Delete
I think Thornton is nursing the sore groin still. But he is also finding his place in this new system I think. The Flyers are going to be a very desperate team tomorrow. Sharks need to survive the first 10 minute attack and they should be alright
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