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"My Take On The Preds"
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Desperate Times...

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You know the saying...'desperate times call for desperate measures.' That is exactly what the Preds find themselves facing tonight as they attempt to halt a four game skid against the Sharks.

If there is one team that the Preds know well it's the Sharks. The Preds have fallen short against them each of the last two years in the the playoffs. Pred players probably see teal sweaters in their sleep. It is this team that has been a thorn in our side for too long.

The Preds are a desperate team and if I were the Sharks I would not be happy about facing them tonight. How many times have I seen a team come to town mired in a losing streak and play a great game and escape with a win. I think that's what the Preds do tonight. How?

Physical play: The Sharks are a big physical team but we cannot back down tonight. We must finish every check and make them start looking over their shoulder every time they have the puck. Hit em hard and hit em often!

Quick Start: The Preds came out flying against the Ducks but could not get the first goal. We must tonight. We cannot play from behind against this team...they will shut us down!

Solid In Net: I am not looking for miracles here but Mason has GOT to play a solid game. He must play with confidence and make some big key saves early to get his mojo going and the Preds pumped about his play.

Crotch Bang to anyone who think the Preds are done...there is a saying (man I am full of sayings today!) 'It's not where you start it's where you finish.' Go Preds!
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