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Hire a loudmouth, egotistical, jackanape former head coach, whose sole purpose as a broadcaster seems to be to hear himself talk, and put him by the glass.

Why does NBC saddle a very good-outstanding, really-play-by-play and color team of Mike "Doc" Emrick and Ed Olczyk with Pierre McGuirre? Everytime McGuirre opens his mouth he's either stepping all over Emrick or Olczyk to make an obvious point, talking about his short, failed stint as a coach or berate a guy for boneheaded play.

Unless of course it's a guy Pierre likes. Then the guy is infailable. Take Sidney Crosby, for instance. I am a fan of Crosby's, but he does play the game with an edge, and also will not hesitate to enhance his falls to draw penalties or complain about non calls. However, to McGuire, these things are ignored.

A game like the Rangers-Sabres game today should be handled by a broadcast team that isn't going to turn off viewers by sounding like a junior college broadcaster hired to work with two pros.

It's beyond time to find a "sideline" reporter who realizes that he's there to report the new, not make it.
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