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There is a lot of buzz about the Flyers moving Randy Jones. It makes some sense. He is a pretty big cap hit for a 4-5 dman. That is all well and good. Move Jones, make room to bring in "someone". Rumore has it that someone would be Sykora. A winger. Add some scoring back after loosing Lupul and Knuble. Again, makes sense.

Only one problem. If the Flyers move Jones they are going to be down to 5 defenders. Pronger, Timmonen, Parent, Carle and Coburn. That means either they are counting on one of their recent signings, a graduate of the Phantoms, or a recent pick (marshal or Radulov) to make the team.

To me this seems too much like last season and the salary cap chacha that the team did all year. I am not a huge Jones fan, but not a huge detractor either. When healthy he is a good PP pointman who if not overplayed is effective at even strength. With the addition of Pronger there will be a second pair getting a ton of minutes period and that will help keep Jones from being overextended.

Only time will tell.
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I agree. And I know the Flyers tried to maybe compensate their defense with this Tollefsen guy, but after I heard he had two knee surgeries this past year, I seconded Tim Panaccio's suggestion of bringing Ossi Vaananen back, who, despite his similar history of knee problems, would be much more solid on the blue line. And I still like the idea of signing Syvret and giving him a shot at a full season.
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