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"Sixes -n- Sevens"
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On Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 the Habs traded disgruntled forward Sergei Kostitsyn and "future considerations" to the Nashville Predators for forward Dustin Boyd, Goaltender Dan Ellis and "future considerations".

What an awesome trade folks! Gauthier and the Habs brass impress me yet again this off-season.

Dustin Boyd:

If he decides to sign, Boyd will be a great 3rd/4th line center. He is an upgrde on Metro and is cheaper/younger then Moore. He split last season between the Preds and Flames where he tallied 24 points (13G, 11A). 3 of his goals were game winners. He was plus-6 while averaging 12:13 TOI. Boyd is an RFA who did not get a qualifying offer, which makes him a UFA is he's not signed by Thursday.

Dan Ellis:

Ellis, who turned 30 last week, played in 31 games last season, posting a 15-13-1 record. His GAA was 2.69, with a save percentage of 90.9. His career numbers are 2.64 and 91.2. If Ellis decides to sign (I think he will) then we also have ourselves a very solid veteran back-up.

Via Twitter, Ellis had this to say: "Very excited about the trade! Its an honor to be part of a team with such great tradition and passion! Hope we can figure something out!"

Futire Considerations:

I venture it's draft picks going both ways depending on signings/play.

Now that we have reviewed what the Habs received. What does trading Sergei really mean?

1. The Habs rid themselves of the cancer that is Sergei.

2. It shows the players that the Habs won't put up garbage like that.

3. It may finally give Andrei the chance he needs to flourish. I know players are supposed to be professionals but Andrei was in a position of Sergei Vs his teammates. It was a terrible distraction and an impossible situation for him to navigate. Gauthier may have just given him his gateway to getting back on track. If we think back, Andrei had a great year two seasons ago. During that time there were no issues with Sergei. Can't help but make the connection.

What do you think?
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