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"Cuz Mark Evans Says"
Halifax, NS • Canada •
Grab your pen and paper parents.... Next Christmas's number #1 hit will be the next edition in Activision's première video game series... Call of Duty 9: Hockey Warfare 1!!

I am stoked!! Activision has sent me a few prototype trailers, and it is appears to be the real thing!!

So like the preceding editions of this game, you take on the views of varios facets of the big picture.

The plot: The evil Gary Bettman has conspired to attempt to bury the Toronto Maple Leafs into the pit of mediocrity for the balance of their existence. Well he succeeded! Or did he...

As the game goes on, we learn Brian Burke and his tandem of thugs have taken advantage of Crosbmania. Thanks to the media, we are able to follow Sidney's every move. Last night he even went pee three times, mostly symptom free during his post concussion syndrome battle. However, since he wasn't peeing in a steady stream, as per reports, it could be futher signs of alarming side effects. ( More to follow on a TSN.ca front page 2 day article)

Meanwhile, Brian Burke has sent Colton Orr to the Marlies, or so we thought...

Shortly after Bob MacKenzie's insider report, from inside Sidney Crosby's mansion in Nova Scotia, the game take you to a surprise new mission...

Colton Orr isnt with the Mariles!! Colton Orr is in New York! He has infiltrated the NHL HQ, and was on route to capture Gary Bettman! This mission is pretty intense... Thus, I won't spoil it in this article. Let's just say Bettman isn't alone, two greasy side-kicks appear at his side, Bob Goodenow and .... Punch Imlach...

Talk about crazy twists!!

Meanwhile, ACC cockroach problems prevail, led by Steve Simmons, slowing down Brian Burke as he attempts to bring in major reinforcements, sending Philippe Dupuis to the Los Angeles Kings, for Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar... With Dean Lombardy missing in action, Darryl Sutter was able to help put together another blockbuster with his old trading buddy.

Some other plot twists keep you on edge from start to finish. What a great game, and solid story line...

What will happen?

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