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Ottawa, ON • Canada • 2013 Years Old • Male

The dawn of a new day...

Posted September 10, 2008
Early morning hits, I wake up, slowly stretching like a fat old cat lying comfortably in the sun. I sense something is different today but I am too confused and tired to realize why. The smells of coffee and burnt toast fill the air of my place, and as I do every day, I walk over to the kitchen window and stare aimlessly outside at what is the end of another fun filled summer. Then it hit me like... Read More »

Quenching a fan's thirst...

Posted April 8, 2008
A few years back, awaiting the first round of the playoffs to arrive, I found myself in the midst of a marathon channel surf. I was waffled on my comfy sofa, with Stanley Cups dancing in my head...Why can’t those playoffs start already!!!! Then it happened. I came across a French TV show that has marked me ever since. I sat up, eyes focused to the little screen like a falcon swooping down o... Read More »


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