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It is not even what would qualify as the pre season , yet, Everyone from the casual blogger, to the Ultimate Fake who I will not even mention who has a 1 for 5 record in rumors, seem to love harping on the Flames for how things have gone post season.

I though am not among the haters. I love what the Flames have done in the post season.

1) The Phaneuf Trade. We got more in Return for less. Phaneuf Stopped Giving a damn about the Flames organization the very minute he was NOT selected to be on Team Canada. Prior to that, he was allstar Material, however, his ego, like some players, got the best of him and the love of the game took second place to whining. I am glad to see him gone, to a team who is at least a Decade away from being any kind of cup contender, let alone, 5 years away from even having a playoff spot. Now he is the Captain..Makes me wonder what Brian Burke is thinking...lol

2) Bringing in Tanguay And Jokinen: Great Idea in my books. Tanguay made his career with Calgary, and as a playmaker, I see him feeding Iggy and Olli the puck more often than any other player that has been on Iggy's line. They both Belong in a Flames Uniform. Olli was traded away mid deason, before even showing that he is the man. Now he has the chance to prove it. Tanguay is now under a coach who will actually let him Thrive and Flourish, and with Keenan a thing of the past, Alex can do what he loves to do, which is Play and Win

3) Henrik Karlsson: The Sharks have given us another future star. What else can be said. A young swede who under Kipper will be a fabulous backup to Kipper..The Man

THN is reporting rankings for the Western Conference. Basically, they Place the Canucks in 1st and The Flames in 8th. Though It is not an ideal ranking (I'd love to see the Flames 1st), We all know that in the Past Decade, the Canucks can not beat us Flames. Hello and goodbye Round One. Hello Round 2 for the Flames, Hello Golfing for the Canucks.

Sutter Bringing in Jay Feaster was Brilliant. This means sutter can groom him to the GM duties for the Flames, and likely (hopefully) remove himself as GM of the Flames, and concentrate solely on his VP of Operations duties. Feaster has the 2004 Cup experience under his thumb, and can use that experience to make the Flames a solid Cup Contender for the next few years at least!!

Now onto all the talk and hate regarding the Heritage Classic and the Jerseys the Flames Selected. I am more than sick and tired of all the McDonalds jokes. Mostly, all this hate and all these jokes are being made by people who know nothing about Calgary's hockey history. Some keep asking "Why Not The Atlanta Flames Logo?" The simple Answer is: The Atlanta Flames Have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CALGARY FLAMES AND CALGARY HOCKEY HISTORY."

The Jersey is a combination of the Current Flames Logo, the Flaming C, and the Calgary Tigers of the 1920s and 1930s. The Last Team in Calgary, Prior to the Calgary Flames, To compete for the Stanley Cup. The Heritage Classic is commemorating the Cup Battles that Happened between the Calgary Tigers and the Montreal Canadiens in 1924. and also, The Cup Battle of 1989. We are tied in wins in that regard with the Habs. They won in 1924, and the Flames won in 1989. Calgary has a storied History with the Habs that many overlook out of lack of knowledge or common sense.

So, We are weeks away from the Preseason, and I remain Optimistic as always. Game 1 is a Split Squad game. Half the Squad hosting the Canucks at the Dome, and Half the Squad playing at Rogers Arena. Both Running Simultaneously. Do not be shocked or surprised when the Flames Squads win both Games.

Be even less surprised when the Season opener at Rexall results in the Flames Again Doing as they always do, Beating the Oilers.

And the Home opener at the Dome hosting the Kings...flames will go 2 and 0 in their first 2 games. A taste of what IS TO COME for the Flames all season long.

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