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Habs upcoming season!!

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Hello everyone,

First blog, very excited. But I am more excited because the upcoming season is just a few more weeks away, and I am anxious to see how the habs will fare this season. After a wonderful run in the playoffs last season, it's back to the start for Montreal and they must start all over again with 30 teams in the running. In the offseason, Pierre Gauthier traded playoff hero Jaroslav Halak to St-Louis for Lars Eller and Ian Shultz, both of whom I believe will make the team out of camp this year. It's now up to Carey Price to lead this team to the promised land. Then he locked up Tomas Plekanec for 6 years/5m per season. I think this was good as he is a premier two way center who can score and set up others. Then, the "problem child" SK74 was traded to Nashville, and in the end we ended up with Dustin Boyd, a run and gun center who can bring way more to the table than Sergei ever did with Montreal. Anyway with the additions and loses I think the Habs may not have totally improved but if all falls into place they have a shot and making the playoffs and doing some damage like last season

We will see how it unfolds, Cheers,

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