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Gibbons, AB • 17 Years Old • Male
Hey everyone, new to this site and writing my first blog and what better way then to predict where my favourite team (Edmonton Oilers) will finish this year in the standings. To figure this process out I will do process of of elimination to determine where the other teams in the Western Conference will finish.

In no particular order, the top six teams in the west our Van city, San Jose, Detriot, LA, Chicago and Anaheim. That leaves 9 teams battling for the last two playoff spots. These two spots will probably be given to Nashville and a battle between St. Louis, Calgary and Columbus. That's 10 teams and still no Oilers in there, so it's safe to say that I believe the Oilers WILL NOT make the playoffs next year; however, they will vastly improve.

So that leaves Dallas, Colorado, Edmonton, Minnesota and Phoneix in the basement. I will bodly predict that Phoneix finishes last in the west as their key guys are getting older and they have one of the worse goalie tandems in the league. So that leaves 11-14. I believe that the 11th and 12th place teams, in no particular order, will be Dallas and Colorado, which leaves 13th and 14th left for the Oilers and Minnesota. And I believe that the Oilers will be beaten out by Minnesota for the 13th place in the West. This therefore means that the oilers will land 14th in the west, which may not seem like a great improvement to some; however, I believe it is for a rebuilding team and anything is better then last place.

Thanks for reading and I plan to write more blogs as I get use to the site and have new topics to write about.
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