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Game 1 More of the same

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'Well game one in the record books in this shortened season and its like a Gomez free 2011-2012. Carey Price was fantastic, he made some unreal saves as he usually does but as we have seen far to many times in the past he was almost the lone bright spot. The top line was completely silent and the rest of the team barley showed up. Toronto played an alright game but Montreal did not put up a whole lot of fight. I'm going to be optimistic and say it was early season jitters. The only way this team makes any kind of noise this season is by having a full team effort.

Now some quick points.

-Carey Price continues to prove he is a top goalie from the saves to his cool calm demeanor, and his puck handling skills man is he good, for a man with a hurt groin he looked pretty good, a bit blown out of proportion hey?

-Galchenyuk looked like a 18 year old playing in the NHL he was fast but my guess is he will be back with the sting on the 30th of this month

-Plekanec looked up to speed but was not all that impressive especially after the year he had in the KHL and what a dumb plenty, a couple to many extra strides for that snow job

-Markov was good he skated hard, got hit hard a couple times and seemed to keep up real well, he also has a great first pass out of the zone. A 75% Markov is still better that about 85% of the other D out there but lets get Subban signed so he has someone to pass the puck to on the power play

-I liked the fourth line and was really happy with Armstrongs game. I like what he brings and the things I like about him now are the reasons I hated him before.

-Emelin love this guys game man he can hit and looked a little better in his own zone than last year.

Next up Florida you know Price is going to show up lets just hope the top line does to, because if not its going to be a long season. What a difference to see the guys who played in the lockout and who didn't.

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