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Well it has been a very long time since I have done this, I always have good intentions but four kids and a job kind of cut into my blogging time. But here I go again, I will try to do this once a week at least and who knows maybe some day someone will read this.

Well it is a day before the trade deadline and the Habs have some work to do. Work that is going to be hard to do unless you plan on giving up the future of your club for a run this year. A run that I do not think is there with this team right now. However the window on this version of the team is slowly closing so that also has to weigh into your decision on the trades that you do and do not make. There is going to be a lot of players who are going to need raises, and if you are not planning on giving these raises then I guess these are the pieces you can use in a trade. It is going to be a interesting few days in Montreal, and on the heels of this PK is back in town. Well lets get to it.

-There are 6 players I would not trade out of Montreal and the rest I would use if the trade was right. i.e. Matt Duchene

- Max Pacioretty
- Carey Price
- Shea Weber
- Alex Galchenyuk
- Alex Radulov
- Mikhail Sergachev

- Other than these 6 players I would sell who ever else I needed to get me a center that can score

-Price is looking a lot more like Price and a lot less like a shooter tooter these days, this can only mean good things for the Habs

- I love that the Habs got rid of Michel Therrien, I didn't care if Youppi took over behind the bench

- Good and bad wins for the team last two games, great to see them win and make comebacks, bad that they cannot take a lead and control a game.

- I think this team is more than just one piece away for taking that next step, now one of those pieces could be the players they have now stepping up but it does not look like it

- Well its the fun time of year and its nail biting time every game.

- I have a bad feeling about the game on Thursday against the Preds and PK so lets hope they can get one last win in tonight before then. Emotions will be high at the Bell Center for sure and you know #76 is going to be up for this game

Well that's it for now, hopefully it won't be another 3 years before I do this again. Hopefully someone will read this.
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March 13, 2017 3:21 PM ET | Delete
They said thy were keeping Therrien. I guess not.
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