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This is my first ever Hockey Buzz blog so put your opinions in the comments and I don't really care what you say cause I'm not one of those people in this world that gets butt hurt over stupid things. But I would Love to hear your opinion.
Pacific Division Northwest Division Central Division
Sharks#1 Canucks#1 Blackhawks#1
Kings#2 Oilers#2 Redwings#2
Ducks#3 Avalanche#3 Blues#3
Stars#4 Wild#4 Blue Jackets#4
Coyotes#5 Flames#5 Predators#5
Western Conference Predictions
1. Blackhawks-Blackhawks added some depth that they needed and a scorer they needed and the Blackhawks Are Back!
2. Sharks- Sharks got better this off season Traded Heatley for Havlat was the smartest trade all season he is a selfish little punk! Most upgraded team in the west 2nd in the conference for the sharks
3. Canucks-Loss of Ehrhoff, Torres, Tambellini, and Glass will cost them #1 in Conference.
4. Redwings- Team still solid enough but drops 4th place with the loss of Brain Rafalski
5. Kings- Too many knew players so too much chemistry to make and Drew Doughty still won’t be signed until the half way point of the season so Kings are fifth place this season
6. Blues- Blues added Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner players with experience and skill so blue jump up to take 6th place
7. Blue Jackets-Trading Nikita Filatov to the Senators was the best move they did besides trading for Lots of big moves so they will get the 7th spot in the playoffs
8. Ducks-Ducks didn’t add anything big this off season instead downgraded their D and are still missing The Finnish Flash so they land in 8th
9. Avalanche-Trading Stewart will cost them this season as they won’t make the playoffs for the 3rd time in four years
10. Oilers-Getting Smyth back and drafting Hopkins will almost get them back in the playoffs
11. Predators-Didn’t improve much this off season only lost players and gave all money to Weber and are now over Cap
12. Wild-Added Setoguchi and Heatley for some top notch scoring (Not Really) and traded Burns their Top Defender for it bad idea and Havlat good idea!
13. Stars-Let Brad Richards walk and replaced him with Ryder that’s why they will be in 13th this year
14. Coyotes-Lost Bryzgalov to Flyers via free agency and Jovanosvski to Panthers and that will cost them the playoffs this year even though they traded for Langkow
15. Flames-Traded Regehr to the Sabres for nothing and traded Langkow to Coyotes for Lee Stempniak and now looks more like an AHL team with one top player (Iginla) and top goalie (Kiprusoff)
Stanley Cup Playoffs
1. Blackhawks 4
8. Ducks 2

2. Sharks 4
7. Blue Jackets 2

3. Canucks 4
6. Blues 2

4. Redwings 4
5. Kings 2

1. Blackhawks 3
4. Redwings 4

2. Sharks 4
4. Canucks 3

2. Sharks 4
4. Redwings 3

Sharks to Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in their history!
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