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Here we go again:
11) Carolina----Brandon Sutter
May have the best all-around game in the draft, but I still think this is a little high for him consideringCherepanov was still on the board. Needs to fill out a lot and still develop a little more grit. Yes he's a Sutter, but he isn't as Sutter-y as others. Has good character to fall back on if his skills don't make him a 2nd line center.
Grade: B+
12) Montreal Canadiens---Ryan McDonagh
A defenseman who loves to join the rush and has good skating ability, McDonagh must polish the physical aspect of his game, but he should develop into a top-4 defenseman. Many people will say that Esposito should have gone here, but I'm not too high on Espo, so I think Montreal did the right thing.
Grade: A-
13) St. Louis Blues: Lars Eller
Possesses a complete game much like Sutter, with more offensive skill. The Kopitar of this draft might be too much hype for the Dane but he should develop into a great 2nd line winger or possibly a 1st line winger. They also did a great job in trading down to acquire another pick and still get the guy they wanted. However Cherepanov was still up for the taking.
Grade: A-
14) Colorado---Kevin Shattenkirk
All in all, I don't like this guy as much as other people do. He has a good offensive game, but I don't think he will develop into anything very special. However, with all that being said he was the captain of the USNDP team, so you can't fault his character. Again Cherepanov is still on the board here, so Colorado could have taken him.
Grade: B
15) Edmonton Oilers---Alex Plante
Not a great pick in my mind with Nick Petrecki still on the board. Petrecki and Plante are very comparable in my mind, but Petrecki uses his body size better than Plante does. Petrecki also has a developing offensive game, something that Plante is lacking. This pick could come back to haunt the Oil later, especially with Esposito and Cherepanov still there. Again, I'm not that high on Espo but he is definitely top-15 material. The Oilers did get a solid defenseman however.
Grade: C+
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August 17, 2007 8:53 AM ET | Delete
we don't need Cherepanov. our offence is stacked, so I like our pick.
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