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Last night I got to watch my first hockey game on TV for this season. I was excited.

I watched Sabres vs Sens @ the Hockeyville, in Dundas, Ontario. The Sabres came on strong. Even when on the PK. The newly signed grey beard Rob Niedermayer scored about halfway throught the first, while on the penalty kill. Nieds put on great offensive pressure, and ended up stripping the goalie of the puck, then scored. The next goal would be scored late in the second period, by Patrick Wiercioch, taking a shot from the point through traffic.

Near the halfway point of the third, Luke Adam fed a beautiful pass to Pommers, and Pommers lit up the lamp. That was the GWG.


*Cody Mccormick wanted to make an impression. He wants to prove he has what it takes to grind it out in the NHL. He got into a few fights, and boy can he fight.

*Zack Kassian really impressed me, again. Even though he didn't score, or get an assist, he still worked hard. He ALMOST got a goal, by skating one way, and moving his stick the other way and that almost went in. Very nice scoring chance. Not only that, but he was very aggressive on the puck. There was a point, where he had the puck up against the boards, with a few Sens on him, and he still maintained the puck, which drew the Sens players out of position. Another veteran-like move.

*Final Sabre Note
Incase you were slightly confused as to what new players to the Sabres organization are, I made a list:


If I'm missing somebody, or have the wrong numbers, let me know please.

So guys, what do you think about how do you think our rookies Kassian, Gerbe, and Ennis are doing? Do you think Kassian will replace Stafford? Who would YOU guys keep on the NHL roster? And who would you remove? I'd like to hear what other people think.

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