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Yesterday morning Garth Snow made another one of his low risk high reward acquisitions by claiming Michael Grabner from the Florida Panthers. This is a move that helps bring some skill to the Islanders opening day lineup with the recent injuries to Kyle Okposo, Rob Schremph and Mark Streit.
Mr.Snow has made some good pickups recently by basically signing other teams trash and making them Islanders treasure. Last year Garth signed Matt Moulson who scored 30 goals and claimed Rob Schrempf who tallied 25 points in 44 games played. But is this the type of move that will help the Islanders take the next step? Probably not. There are reasons of why other teams have passed on these players, whether its lack of effort, defensive abilities or just plain lack of talent, the Islanders need more then other teams throwaways.
There are a few teams over the cap limit as of right now such as the Canucks and Devils, both teams have many skilled players that have been productive year in and year out, players that can make an instant impact and not be another huge question mark on the opening day lineup like Grabner. Players like Jamie Langenburnner, a player with a heck of a shot and captain material, a player that can show the young Islander players a thing or two about winning. These are the type of players and moves that Garth Snow seriously needs to look into and make so this team doesn't come in the top 5 of the NHL Draft.
But who knows, this guy Grabner can come out of nowhere, put his immense ability and potential to use and become a huge contributor on a team that needs players to step up. This could be his last shot at making a NHL roster and its time for him to step up and make Garth Snow look a little more smarter then he appears.
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