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At this point we all know that the Wings are having some small issues with attendance. However, this is not the end of the world scenario that everyone is making it out to be. They sold out every game for over 10 years, it was bound to happen, and with the situation in the stat right now they are still getting a pretty good showing. With the economy the way it is (the state almost shutting down, the GM strike a few weeks ago, the Chrysler strike that just started, 8% unemployment) fans do not have much to spend on a sporting event.

Ten years ago, if you wanted to see a championship level team in Detroit, you had little choice other then the wings. Things have changed in the area; the Pistons have finished just as well if not better then the Wings for the past few years, the Tigers went to the World Series last season and was in the playoff hunt this season, and the Lions….ummm…well the Lions have a new stadium, maybe that helps.

The lockout forced the local wings fan, the person that bought the single game tickets that there were other options for his sports dollar.

Ok then, the sell out streak is over, lets move on from it, hear are a few topics:

• When will Igor Grigorenko be ready for the big club and how will he do once he gets there. There was a lot of hype about him coming in to camp, but he failed to impress with his skating skills.

• The Wings are going for a seventh straight Central Division Title, I don’t care who else is in the division, 7 years in a row is impressive.

• Hasek has a “bruised knee”, is this the beginning of the end?

• How much longer can Chris Chelios play?

• Who will Holland trade the first round pick for, you know he’s going to. He seems not to like the first few rounds, but shines in the late ones.

• If expansion happens, would Detroit get moved to the east, and would Chicago get left in the west, I don’t see the league leaving just one original six team in the west with the other 5 in the east.
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October 11, 2007 2:14 AM ET | Delete
At least five more years.
October 22, 2007 12:52 AM ET | Delete
Let's just say if Detroit was in the East, Ottawa certainly wouldn't be in 1st ;)
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