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GAME 1 of 2010-11

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Game 1 of the 2010-11 season! Game 1 of this season's "Battle of Alberta," it's about time! Hell yeah! Finally, we get to see how these kids are going to perform on the big stage.

I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Oiler coaching staff manages ice time between the top 3 lines that all have to potential to put up some decent numbers. I'm also interested in watching how Calgary's experiment of Jokinen, Tanguay and Iginla goes for the second time. I'm already looking forward to the press conference following Sutter's firing press when a reporter in the crowd asks, "What were you thinking bringing those guys back?" Sutter's face turns red, his ears curl outward (even moreso) and then blames the whole experiment's failure on the incompetence of his head coach. Talk about sibling rivalry!

Before I go, with all the new faces in Edmonton this year, who's jersey are you going to buy? My Paajarvi (Mr. Calder as I like to call him) jersey is already on order.

Watch for our text message game updates during tonight's game!

Go Oil!`
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