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How's your cap fit part 1

Posted 11:47 AM ET | Comments 9
Well while the entire world ceases to function while awaiting Mat's decision, I thought I would look over the cap. How is your team looking? Lets look at the overs and close to overs first.
Saying the the ideal # of players is 22 on your big club roster. (1 extra forward and d and obviously 2 tenders). How many teams have backed themselves into corners.
1. The Anaheim Ducks:
Over the cap by some 3,235,000 at this time the Ducks have 24 players listed with the big club including a whopping 15 forwards, so what do you do. Some say move Schneiders contract, not many takers so far, thats a really big #. Ok lets say they move down 3 forwards they only save about 1.4 mil there. hmmmm This team will have to unload Schneider maybe for a pick then bring up a d on an as needed basis, which can be a problem. Schneider to the Kings? doesnt have to move the family and helps the Kings with their unique situation.

2.The Washington (over the) Capitals
Sorry couldn't resist, Interesting club they lose Huet to the Hawks, (they are still to come) get Jose Theodore and now sit 2,692,212 over the number. But how do you get under? Even if they move 2 players down that wouldn't add up and who do they move? Have to wonder if they made a mistake with Federov at 4 mil as that obviously put them over. You love what he can bring in the room but now you have no room for movement at all. Victor Kozlov anyone?

3. The Calgary Flames;
They stand 2,299,167 over the number with 14 f's and 8 d's so obviously some people will go down to make room looking at the choices this still would leave them over by about 700,000 which still has them cornered, so who do they unload?
How about Aucoin, here is another guy that could go to a team like the Kings or maybe Atlanta for floor reaching purposes, it would solve Calgarys situation.

4. The Philadelphia Flyers:
The Flyers stand 1,031,667 over the number, however this is decieving, (as pointed out by a buddy of mine) while over the Broad Street big spenders have to look at 2 contracts which will help ease the burden. Simon Gagne, if finished (which would be a damn shame) could get them back 5.25 mil and Darrien Hatcher could be also another 3.5 if they should both leave this gives Philly plenty of room. But hasn't this talk been very quiet, Hey Ek how about it? Gagne and Hatcher whats the deal?

5. Chicago Blackhawks
While standing only 415,999 over the number Chicago has some other interesting facts that make this quite an issue. The biggest being that is only for 10 forwards!!! So this team needs 2 more forwards just to dress 4 lines! If they bring up 2 top guys from the farm they are now almost 3 mil over the top. By the way as this is all going on Cam Barker (dman of the future is toiling on the farm) I think you would want him up but his almost 2.8 mil salary simply doens't allow it. Ok I know, just unload Khabibulin, but how is that working out. The Kings are not taking everyone's problems, and while this would be a fit for them, think of what that does to everyone else's plans. Lets say someone gives you a bucket of practice pucks for Nikki, (and thats about the best you can hope for). Now you have to replace him too! Niemi is at 1,512,500 so when all is said and done, you would be about 2.3 under and Barker stays down with no room for any movement at all. You are painted into a heck of a corner here, this will be fun to watch going into camp.

6. Finally The New York Rangers
Yes they are under the cap 715,357 under to be exact. But lets look a bit harder at that number. They have 22 players perfect, but it is time to put Sundin and for that matter Shanahan out of your minds blueshirt backers. You have NO ROOM. This team is set for the upcoming season, but has no room for injuries and such. They are paying a penalty for last seasons over spending. But here is room for thought, lets say they don't win the cup this year. Next year should be very interesting. I'll even give you a rise in the cap, although with the economy I think we are close to maxing out. Lets say its 59 million even for 09-10. The Rangers have 40,158,810 already set for that season, for, ready, 9 PLAYERS. Wow. So here is some easy math to do. To get to that 22 players mentioned at the top The New York Rangers and Cablevision and Co. need to add 13 players for 19 million! By the way the minimum salary will be about 850,000 by then! They will need 9 forwards, thats 3 lines folks and 3 d's and Valiquette to agree to pay them for the priveldge to back up Henrik to put a team on the ice. What I am saying is that Charles Dolan and co have done to the Rangers what they did to the Knicks at least in terms of $$$. Win it now or this team has major issues for the next few years.
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July 27, 2008 4:02 PM ET | Delete
good stuff
July 27, 2008 5:38 PM ET | Delete
this is basically an isles fan saying how bad of a situation the rangers are in.
July 27, 2008 7:20 PM ET | Delete
yeah, the only reason this guy wrote this was because of #6The Rangers are stacked with youth that will all be making low money and ready to help fill the holes after next seasonThey won't need to "sign 9 forwards and 3 D" they already have Staal, Girardi, Rozsival and Redden signed through 2009-10. By then young players like Sanguinetti, Potter and Del Zotto will be among many young candidates making very low money join the veteran 4 D already there. Figure you can add three young D at a salary of a combined 2.3 million.Plenty of youth will be ready to join the forwards spots by then as well all at low moneyThis is what happens whern you don't deal top prospects and draft picks away from rentals like Ryan Smyth
July 27, 2008 9:32 PM ET | Delete
The only contract I'm worried about is Dubinsky's.. he's a RFA next July... Staal will still be on an entry level deal, as will Sanguinetti, Cherepanov, Sauer, etc...
July 28, 2008 12:36 PM ET | Delete
Of the teams mentioned, I see the Flyers situation the easiest to remedy: start Hatcher on LTIR until such point that his pro-rated salary fits under the cap. It gives his knees a rest, provides immediate cap relief, and when he fits, someone with a two-way contract is sent to the Phantoms. His contract will be off the books after this season (as will Knuble's 2.8 mil) so the Flyers will have some room next year, as well.
July 28, 2008 12:46 PM ET | Delete
July 28, 2008 1:13 PM ET | Delete
I am not an Islander fan but doing the math it looks like it will be tight next year.4 Fwds - 4 D - 1 G = 40,158,810FwdsDupont 850,000Pyatt 850,000Anisimov 821,667Hillier 750,000Zaborsky 653,333Soryal 508,333Total 4,433,333 DSanguinetti 855,000Sauer 846,667Busto 516,667Total 2,218,334GWiikman 542,500For a grand total of 47,352,977 and 3 more F to signIt can easily be done, but that's alot of kids (10, almost half) in the lineup.
July 28, 2008 3:46 PM ET | Delete
Rangers are truly screwed. Sather will be fired in a couple years when the reality sets in. Planning on young, inexpensive players filling all those positions in highly risky and at least 5 NYR young roster players are RFAs after this year. RFAs after this year Dubinsky, Zherdev, Prucha, Dawes, and Callahan will all expect raises or possibly take NYR to arbitration. I hope the poor economy hits the NHL next season and drops the cap. That will enhance how badly NYR will be screwed. Can you imagine if the cap drops to $52M and the NYR's have $12M to fill 13 rosters spots!!! With the cap at $56M that only leaves them $16M for 13 players. Dubinsky alone will eat a good chunk of that.
July 31, 2008 1:35 PM ET | Delete
I can see why anyone would think an Isles fan would rip the Rangers, but that is not the case here. (My house is completely made of glass!!!) I find the cap facinating thats the reason for the entire post. Frankly I think the Blueshirts have an amazing group for the upcoming season, and have to be discussed seriously for the Eastern Conference title. But 8-10 first year players on any roster of any team is a recipe for problems. That was my only point, I would have said this about Minnesota if they were in that boat.
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