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All those years of tradition, glory, blood and sweat and here are the fans of the NHL's two biggest hockey clubs arguing about which team will squeek into the playoffs next year. Seriously, what have we become? It sickens me to see how much we have accepted mediocrity. Montreal and Toronto should be on top of the league every year, just like the Bo-sox and Yankees have been doing for much of this decade in the MLB. MLSE and Gillette ent. group have the best deal in all of professional sports! no matter what they throw at the fans, we accept it like a bunch of sheep.

As a hab's fan, I find it a complete joke knowing that Bob decided to make an offer on Patrice Brisebois. How is this suppoed to help our team? What happened to Bob's 5 year plan that will bring the cup back home in 2009? With this type of management , the only parade we will see in DTW Montreal in 2009 is the Gay Pride Parade.

The bottom line is that rather than fight one another, Leaf Fans and Hab fans should challenge their respective ownership..... Don't buy season tickets, dont drink watered down Molson ex for 10$ a glass, avoid purchasing anything with your teams logo on it. Hit the owners where it hurts the most...their bank account! I cancelled my season tickets because i refuse to watch a crappy product, but how many of you are willing to do the same?

I will always be a fan but i refuse to be a sucker.
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