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I was at one time a frequent Hockeybuzz poster. Now, I'm more a frequent reader - I lurk...I linger. I am intrigued with the opportunity to perhaps make a comeback of sorts, with the sudden departure of Cloutier, as a writer and relayer of useless information (that's what Clouts did right?). When the Oilers last made the playoffs and went to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals, my daughter was 2 years olds. Cute as a button she was, and not one day during those playoffs did I argue with her about bedtimes, ipods, Austin and Ally marathons, or just general mouthiness. My how things change.rnrnSince that last playoff run the Oilers have fired 4 coaches, picked 1st overall 3 times, hired back the first coach to replace the last GM, who promtply fired the last head coach hired by the former GM and replaced him with a young coach very much in the mould of himself.rnrnThe last Oilers playoff game was not broadcast in High Definition. There were no tweets sent out during the game. There were no emabarrasing photos from Whyte Ave posted on Facebook. We hadn't yet loved and then hated Transformers movies. Jordan Eberle had not yet shaved.rnrnThe Oilers were sold, talk began of someday having a new arena, Kevin Lowe abandoned the combover.rnrnSheldon Souray, Dustin Penner, Nick Khabibulin came and went. Ryan Smyth went and came, and Horcoff played his ass off to earn about one third of his salary.rnrnThere was a war and a recession, the Leafs almost won a series, and everyone in Calgary flushed their toilets at the exact same moment, overwhelming the super absorbancy of the giant maxi-pad that is the Calgary Saddle Dome.rnrnThings changed.....stuff's happened. What else could go down before the Oilers touch playoff ice again? That is my question to you readers. What do you think will happening before the oilers next playoff game - Time Travel? Cold Fusion? A second good Transformers movie?
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