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Ageless Wonder

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In an era of hockey that epitomizes the youth movement, Detroit strays from the norm. Maybe its because of their lack of high draft picks, or first round picks at all, maybe its because of the style coach Mike Babcock preaches, or maybe their just getting all the right 30 something year olds. Either way, its working. Boasting a 14 man, 30 and over roster, 8 of which exceed the age of 35, the Red Wings remain one of the NHLs most exciting and consistent teams, year after year. Whether their winning it all, making a run to the cup final, or sending an incredible 8 players to represent their countries at the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver, the Wings continue to blow past oponents sometimes half their age. Mike Modano is the latest addition, and for those of which said Detroit was already old enough, expect nothing less than 40+ points out of the 40 year old native of Livonia Michigan. Not only that, but you would have to look no further than the stats chart to see the impact the vets are having. All of Detroits top 8 scorers are over the age of 30, and the ninth turns 30 twelve days after the new year. These nine players, along with the rest of the roster, have helped Detroit start the year 13-3-2. Not bad considering many of their top players could soon retire and leave no doubts behind about their careers. So have no doubts when looking at the impact experience has, and the next time you want to criticize a team for employing the older generation, get the facts straight first.
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