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Every year the draft is filled with more and more speculation in regards to player trades and teams moving picks. Most especially since the trade deadline becomes more and more a moot point in the salary cap era.

Patrick Roy has come out and hinted that he as***Coach*** yes coach and VP hockey operations, may move the first overall (What a disrespectful move the Roy one was to Sherman, shame on you Colorado). This of course was a rookie mistake by Roy, trying to stir the pot and get some sort of a "Lindros" type deal for the pick.

Dale Tallon has also hinted at possibly moving the 2cnd overall pick for a package as long as he stays in the top 4, This is a pressure tactic and one to move down but not nessescarily into the top 4, but telling the GM world to open up their coffers and make him a whopper of a move.

These rumours happen ever year and clearly little comes out of it. So lets take a look at who may want and can move up and who may want and can move down.


Anaheim: Could move out for a chance at some second line scoring, as long as the player is established and on a decent long term contract.

Boston: Going no where, Seguin, Rask and Hamilton are the future. They will most likely slowly build around them.

Buffalo: Could Miller really be traded?? Yes in all likelihood, they have picked up a good young goalie from Minnesota, and Enroth has proven he deserves a shot. Its highly unlikely they trade him in the eastern conference though so look to a team on the cusp in the west........Minnesota maybe?

Calgary: Feaster is pretty aggressive guy on the trade front and willing to make a splash, although they don't always work out for him. I see him shooting to go all the way here, but not sure he has the parts to make it happen. Sven is off limits and other than his picks he doesn't have much to let go. I am sure he will be aggressively looking at Bernier from LA or another young hot goalie. Although there true need is a giant center to which to build a team around and some physical assertiveness on the blueline.

Carolina: This gets tricky, I can really see Rutherford moving down for a solid dman, maybe Whitney and Oilers first to move down. Although what they really need is 2 stay t home guys.

Chicago: Probably will just pick a good college player as these guys are stacked everywhere except in net, May look to pick a goalie of the future for grooming.

Colorado: NOT MOVING will pick Mackinnon....WHY???? Because he is the best player in the draft and you don't use that on a defensemen even though jones will be good. yes they have all the centers in the world....BUT BUT BUT. Stastny is clearly gone and they can't trade that albatross O'Reilly for another yearish. Duchene goes no where. Stastny for a mid level Dman and a pick or 2.

Columbus: Jarmo clearly has thrown it out that he wants to move up, wouldn't be surprised if he did, but who would be his trading partner??? Look here to Tampa who covet Barkov not Nichushkin. But he would never drop below 6 so the price would have to be stellar.

Dallas: Nill wants to make a splash but probably won't, as he is patient and knows he will get a good young player deep into this draft.

Detroit: Little excitement here historically and one can expect the same, as these guys are smart and know how to be patient and develop a player.

Edmonton: Mac and Lowe are anxious to win. But do not be surprised if they move down. They need help now not later, They will look to the net for answers in the draft or through trade....Miller?

Florida: Goes No where except up, and its unlikely they will get the 1st for Mackinnon, but Jones and Gudbrandson/Kulikov is a nice back end to build on, and many believe building from the net out is the best way.

LA: Nothing..zip...zilch...zada...Nada, why would they ??? They rock.

Minnesota: I bet they move this pick, why? Miller? Lou? Another Goalie to solidify the back end, they are deep in talent across the board young and old, all they need is a bit of depth on the blue line for the future.

Montreal: Bergevin will look for size and is desperate to get it, and he won't find it for nothing.

Nashville: Drouin will look good here if he is available.

New Jersey: Lou's last kick at the devil's can, Could move down as there are a ton of offensive defensemen in this draft and that's what they will stock.

NYI: Wang is still pulling the strings here, and he wants out of DiPietro and wants to win NOW not later. This may be a good year to move out of the draft and into some players to support JT who is 2 players away from perennial all star status.

NYR: This is tough to predict, as Sather may buy out Richards and then resign him to more money and find a way to trade for more and then bring him back. I suspect they will keep the pick and target Fucale.

Ottawa: No Money for big contracts, will keep the pick and look to restock the farm as most are playing with the club now, they may even move up for a good Dman with a point shot that has a blast.

Philly: AHHHH.. Nothing worth noting in the farm for defensemen, could move down to hoard picks.

Phoenix: Best player available nothing else, will look for character and toughness before all else.

Pittsburgh: Nothing special to see here, when you have Crosby/Malkin/Neal/Letang and no picks there is little room for excitement at this draft.

St Louis: With a ton of expiring contracts next year look to see the Blue's focus there efforts on offensive players, but will always take best player available.

San Jose: McCarron /Domi/Horvat would be nice down the road after the grey beards are gone.

Tampa Bay: I see Player movement here not pick movement, I am sure they covet Barkov not nish and would move down if they felt they could get him later.

Toronto: Dieing to move up, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, they have made it obvious they are targeting Erne so I wonder who they really want?

Vancouver: OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE either trade or pick, Gillis will mess this up, and Luo will fetch a second rounder 40-50.

Washington: Best Player available no apartment needs except someone to knock Ovie off his high Horse and some team toughness. Nothing that can be accomplished unless Rychel is ready to play in the big league's now.

Winnipeg: I like these guys Burmistrov is out and they need D prospects more than anything else , except one pick to really work out. Look for them to move down in the draft and hoard picks in the second round.

Thanks for reading, Open to criticism but respectable comments only please:


Florida: Tallon would happily move up to ensure MacKinnon at the right price, but what would that be? The 2cnd overall and???? Possibly a third this year.
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June 4, 2013 1:16 PM ET | Delete
Didnt Minnesota pick get traded to Buffalo for Pominville? I think LA would take ST.Ls pick from Calgary and a 3rd for Bernier
June 4, 2013 5:54 PM ET | Delete
Jets need scoring not more d prospects with trouba, redmond etc. Already have 3 picks in the 2nd round from oduya trade last year and ponikarovsky. If anything expect them to maybe try and get into the top 10
June 5, 2013 8:34 PM ET | Delete
NorthernKing: Yes, Minnesota traded us Larsson Hackett 16th overall and a second for pominville. Buffalo also can move vanek, not just miller.
June 8, 2013 6:41 AM ET | Delete
Message Posted
June 9, 2013 4:22 PM ET | Delete
Come check out a real mock draft at http://www.glendalemock.com/1.html
June 11, 2013 5:18 PM ET | Delete
Calgary DOES NOT NEED MORE GOALIES! they have arguably the two top goalies in europe (retta Berra, and Kari Ramos) under contract for next season, ortio, brussoit and gillies in the pipeline. Calgary Needs a top centre, and a right shooting Dman.
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