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Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta

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SO....This is going to my first blog. To get you clued in, I am a girl, live in florida, former northern native and miss it terribly. I love hockey and I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. The thing I really hate is trying to find hockey fans down here, seriously it sucks. So I found my way here to a blog page and hopefully it will be fun!

Since I am a Pens fan, how bout I start off with a little recap of the game tonight! So I didn't see the entire thing (I was at a brazilian jiu jitsu class, yes its incredibly fun) but I follow the penguins on twitter and saw that it was 1-1. As soon as I get home I see an image on the tv screen of hats being thrown everywhere and first thought HOLY CRAP.............theres no way he got a hat trick..no, i didn't think he could get any better BUT he did. Yes Sidney Crosby, love him or hate him I definitely think as of right now he is the best player in the league. He just gets better and better and better. Now ya I am a Crosby fan, and yes I did have a little break in my heart when he scored the game winner to beat the USA for the gold but he is simply magnificent. I saw one play tonight where a penguin cleared the puck out of their zone and the two thrashers went back to get it and just BAM out of nowhere Crosby flies in as slick as a bar of soap and literally almost scores. Now im not going to sit here and tell you how good Sidney Crosby is, most of you already know by now that he is legit and must I say a better all around player than Ovechkin (as you can tell I am not a caps fan...or an Ovie fan for that matter). But how about we talk about the 8-game winning streak we have going on now...YES.

Brings music to my ears, and terror to everyone else in our house. I literally start singing uncontrollably, dancing, yelling, screaming...you name it. I mean how else am I supposed to act when my team is on an 8-game winning streak? If your team was on one, im sure you'd be doing the exact same thing. Now at the beginning of the season I was a little confused. Fleury was playing terrible. I wanted to go hit him over the head, but I realized it takes a little while for him to get going, whatever the reason is....I don't know but for some reason that always seems to be the case? Now maybe its just me...you tell me but Brent Johnson was something like 6-2 or 6-1 and Fleury was something like the exact opposite 1-6 or something horrendous. Now obviously he has been playing some beautiful hockey as of lately. When they played the Senators last week I mean he made 43 saves and that seemed to really be the game that proved what kind of goalie he can be and that he was back. Now he is 9-0-1 in his past 10 starts. Cha CHING. That is what I like to hear. No Idea how my font just got bigger but I kind of like it...a lot.

Now Malkin didn't have ANY SHOTS?! What is this...nah im jk. I mean he is the league leader in shots, so one game he doesn't get any, no biggie im not hating. I just wish sometimes someone would just light a fire underneath his rear end to get him a little kick like Crosby or Talbot has. Ya know like, I feel like hes just so lazy sometimes!

Orpik has been playing some great D for us, and im really liking it. I do not like however how we had fewer shots on goals 28-22. I mean we have some of the brightest and greatest players in the league and fewer shots than the Atlanta Thrashers? To me that just doesn't make sense. I am all for shots on goal, the more the merrier. Wasn't it the Great One himself who said "100% of the shots you don't make don't go in". ?. Something along the lines of that I think.

Now I can't tell you how happy I am to see that purty little 36 next to the Penguins and highlighted in bold caption above that Flyers 34. Next we better be aiming to top those Caps. Now our next game should be tough playing against the young gunnin Blues who remind me of the Penguins a few years ago.

p.s. did anyone see that diving save Max Talbot made last minute? Like a true champ, dove in front of the guy who scored the last minute goal the game before, covered his face and took one for the team. In return he got a standing ovation from the crowd. LOVE IT. Class act too, talked to me after a game for 20 minutes one time. He's definitely moving higher to the top of my list.

Until the next time I feel like blogging...

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