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The Marc Bergevin machine is now fully operational, next year we will see what he has been working on for some time. Alex Semin, Dale Weise, Tom Gilbert and yes, Thomas Plekanec will all be UFAs, Semin and Gilbert will most likely be let go making room for youth. However, with the way the organization is setup, Bergevin is now in a position of power, he can extend the contracts at the end of the season to Weise and Plekanec and not overpay. With both these players, he can use the line, "We have reached out to the agents of Weise and Plekanec and both feel they are better suited for free agency" without causing any damage to the dressing room. My guess is Bergevin will offer Weiss the same contract and Plekanec something around 3 years at 4 million a year. If both players sign those contracts, it will send the message that if you want to play here late in your career, you have to take a discount and the message that Bergevin will always have a contract for a player that bleeds blue, blanc et rouge. Trading Plekanec is not an option, it is bad form and Bergevin wants to be the type of GM that allows players to retire with their team, not one that is there to make a profit or the best deal at all times, the right move is the one that strengthens your locker room. I believe in the next few years UFAs like Desharnais and Markov will be offered discount contracts to have a chance to continue their careers in Montreal but only at the end of the season when they are about to hit free agency. Some people think that trading away your aging vets for picks is smart, we may see Bergevin doing quite the opposite, allowing his vets to walk, to make room for the youth movement without sending the wrong message. Personally I would love for Plekanec to return in a reduced role on the team and stay for many years, helping our youth, helping our team, but trading him sends the wrong message and extending him like a first line center also sends the wrong message. So let's hope Plekanec is in it to be a Canadien and not in it for one last big paycheck.
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Weise not Weiss
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If plekanec puts up another 60 pt season, 4 million is not even gonna be close. It would actually be an insult to tell a guy who has been one of the most consistent habs to take a 1 million per paycut. Plekanec gets at least 5.0-5.5 or he is gone
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Message PostedI have no idea why you think trading Pleks is "bad form" I personally think there is a very good chance that he gets traded. As to Markov he is on his last contract as a Hab. He will probably retire after this year.
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I am not sure about Markov and Plekanec, but I think they have another year or two left with the team. Eventually, they need to be replaced by some young guys. However, the Canadiens need the depth they bring to the team until the young stars are ready to come up.
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