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Over the last 10-15 years, there have been a number of great hockey teams. Detroit, Colorado, Ottawa, Buffalo, New Jersey, Pittsburg, etc etc. The list goes on. All of these teams excelled in a number of areas which is what made them great. Often times, though, it was their excellent offence that masked defensive shortcomings or a great defence that hid suspect goaltending. The point is, they were exceptional in some areas and weaker in others.

It's been awhile since a team has come on the scene with the whole package. In my opinion, the 06/07 Ducks are that team. I'm sure many will argue that other teams are better because of this or that and I don't necessarily disagree. I do contend that we haven't seen a team this well rounded in the past decade or longer.

In all aspects of their on ice product, they can easily be rated as "very good" or higher. Size, toughness, grit? Got it in spades. Defense? No question. Offence? 3 lines that can go toe to toe with the rest of the league and a fourth that's no slouch either. Goaltending? A very solid tandem with frequent flashes of brilliance. Experience? Desire? Got that too.

Question the marketing, media and fan support in a non-traditional hockey market if you will. That debate will rage for years in many expansion markets. Just don't question this team's ability to get it done and their "right" to play for the big prize. Their on-ice performance has earned it.
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Thanks for the kudos. Understand that there are some of us who have lived and loved hockey all of our lives in So Cal. First the Kings and then The Ducks. I do agree with your fan support comment. We have been season ticket holders since day one. There are probably another 5000 like me abd have cheered in the good and bad days (especially Disney ownership days.) Sellouts may be good for the bottom line. But those sellouts rarely result in all 17,178 seats being filled. During the season you might only see about 12,000 in the house. Now there are a bunch of bandwagonners attending. Hopefully under the ownership of the Samueli's things will continue to improve. I would really like to see the enthusiasm at The Pond (I refuse to plug the sponsorship) like what I see at Canadian rinks or Detroit and the likes. Someday, just someday we might get there. But only with the help of owners like the Samuelies and a real commissioner that will look for new ways to improve the marketing of the game. Not by increasing net sizes, but by getting fans into the seats through media.
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