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Is it just me, but I think it is painfully obvious that Brian Burke is going gangbusters after Parise. A team wishing to obtain Parise would have to have the assets, Toronto has just stock piled many in the last 12 months (Kadri, Colborne, Gardiner, 2 firsts etc...), and they would need a lot of cap room to sign a guy that is going to command close to the league max, Toronto also has this. These factors as well as it being very difficult for NJ to fit him in without shipping out half of their team and Burkes love for Parise not to mention his close relationship with Lou Lamoriello, has to make the Leafs the odds on favourite to obtain Parise. The only question is when, Burke likes to act sooner rather then later so look to this happening before the trade deadline if it happens at all.

Mat Hills
Trenton, Ontario
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