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Tambo-Do Nothing?

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Many believe that Hemsky and Penner are at their highest value on Monday morning. Arguments can definitely be made to support this. But think of the value these players give the Oilers based on return perceived...

Big guy, largest in the forward corps of the Oilers who can score 30 goals per year... who is out there Tambellini could get back and from who? Penner is the Oilers best option.

Penner is actually cap friendly for next year considering what he provides. He has not in my opinion reached the top of his game. When he plays against the Ducks, he is mean and arguably one of the best players on the ice. If he played that way every night, discussions about Penner END.

Tough, skilled player, granted injury prone, but worth 70 to 80 points per season when healthy, 50-60 when injured for under $5 million...

No one disagrees that Hemsky is a top 3 forward on all 30 teams, which means he is one of the top 30 right wingers playing right now.

Who is out there Tambellini could get back and from who? Hemsky is the Oilers best option.

When it comes to these two, I do nothing if I am Tambellini.

One other thing... I cannot believe that Sopel garnered more value than Souray! OMG that made me laugh!
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