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This years trade deadline definitely left me wanting more, as is the case for everyone I imagine. Spending hours waiting for something to happen and when it was all said and done, Dustin Penner was the only person being shipped out of Edmonton. Since then I have gone back and fourth on whether I thought it was a good trade or not. Initially I thought it was a great for us but as I looked at it some more I realized that a mid to late round pick in a somewhat "weak" draft and a prospect who will more than likely end up being a 5-6 pairing defensemen really isnt that great of a return for a guy who can put up 30+ goals in a season on the 30th place team in the league. I know Penner never showed up some nights and seamed invisable, not to mention how frustrating it was to watch a guy his size not use it to his advantage, but you cant argue with his numbers. To me it seams like we could have held on to him at least until the draft and seen if we could have pryed a better return from another team and if not try and resign him since he did express some intrest in staying (or was at least willing to listen to offers).

With deadline day leaving a somewhat sour taste in my mouth, the only thing myself & other oiler fans really have left to look forward to is the draft, and hopefully being able to pick #1 overall again. I believe that there is really only one of two players that the oilers should pick...Adam Larsson or Sean Couturier. I know we despretely need a defensemen but all I here is how "soft" Larsson plays and If you were frustrated with how Penner played could you imagine having to watch another player with size not use his body. The other glaring need for Edmonton is a #1 centermen. I know Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has a higher draft ranking than Couturier but we definitely dont need another small center and Couturier is not small. At 6'-4" and 195 lbs (and still filling out) I think he is exactly what the oilers need....size and skill down the middle. For me at least, I would rather see the Oilers draft Couturier over Larsson. There are other ways to shore up our defense, whether we give a couple of our own prospects a larger role, try and sign a UFA or trade for another top defensemen. I just cant see us passing up on a #1 center with size, they dont come around to often.

What are your thoughts on the trade and what would you like to see the oilers do on draft day?
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