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Islanders 69'd

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Well, goal or no goal, it doesnt matter. The Islanders drop 2 straight at home and trail Buffalo 3-1 headed to friday at the HSBC. Was it a goal? Was Miller pushed in by an Islander? It doesnt matter, does it? They are not going to start up the game again or "make it up" to the Isles in game 5. The Isles lost because they didnt bury their early chances.

Hey, remember Kozlov having Miller down and out? He couldnt lift the puck so I got to hear about the AMAZING save by Ryan Miller. Amazing? Not really. Lucky? You bet your buns!

Hey, remember Zednik sending the puck out front, Miller never saw it come out? Bergeron fires and if you look from the replay camera angle behind bergeron...he had the ENTIRE left side of the net WIDE OPEN. Where does he hit? Right in Millers crest.

Hey, remember Poti on the powerplay? Oh that was a great thing. God forbid anyone on the defense but Bergeron take a shot. Poti flubbed 3 passes on the powerplay and passed on many more shots. I nicknamed him "noodle-arms" for this game because he seemed to have no strength to push the puck, I am suprised he could even lift his stick.

Positives of this game? Mike Sillinger. Trent Hunter. Ryan Smyth. Andy Hilbert. Richard Park. These men played balls-to-the-wall hockey. They were everywhere. With the heartless play of Yashin and Satan again, Ashams vanishing act and Zednik being tossed off the puck like he was a child, the "weapons" of the Islanders were these 5 players. These players are not enough. We need to find more players LIKE them and ditch this dead weight we call "our strengths" aka Yashin, Satan, Blake, Poti.

Am I bitter about the loss? You bet I am. I personally think it was a goal, but we had MANY other chances to win and didnt bury it.
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April 19, 2007 8:28 AM ET | Delete
Sillinger is a beast on faceoffs.I'm sad that the fans trashed the rink after the no-goal call. I think if they stayed with it, the Islanders might've been more charged and wouldn't have lost their edge when they still had two minutes to go being down by only one goal. Refs make many right calls but then they also make bad ones with bad timing. Lots of people feel like you guys got the wrong end of this one and I'm sorry about that, but you make good points here; there were many other chances where the Islanders could have capitalized.
April 19, 2007 10:21 AM ET | Delete
Very good post - personally, I agree that it was a goal. I've been astonished at the lack of accountability on the Islanders' players part. There's no talk of what they could have done to win the game, only what the refs did that caused them to lose.
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