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For the love of hockey...

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The game of hockey that most Canadians and a few Americans love has been been sacrificed on the altar of big business.

A kid dreams of getting to the NHL and would play for free but when he gets there, his agent tells him you can't play unless "you're getting more millions than some other guy who is not as good as you."

The owners fall over themselves handing out ridiculous contracts and then want to claw part of it back by locking out the players. Then there is this guy, Don "Not-So-Fehr", who thinks that players who get 50% of the revenue and each of whom is a multi-millionaire shouldn't agree to play unless they get more. I don't think Fehr cares if there is hockey this year. What an awful position for the head of the hockey players union to take.

For the love of hockey, make a deal.
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