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Rumours around Mtl is Getzlaf for Subban, and Plecks.
Here are the reasons why I would not pull the trigger.

We are not in contention nor are we anywhere near being in contention for a cup. So why would we go and acquire Getzlaf? Getz would only be helping us now, but we dont need help now, in fact we need to tank now. If we were to acquire such a big name/big center, we would be giving up on a potential #1 defensemen and a consistent 60+ point center for the next 5 years. Getzlaf is peaking (not this season but you all understand me) but by the time we become a contending team, he will be on the decline while Subban will be at his peak.
I do not want to knock Ryan Getzlaf, but he is also a product of the system. He was playing for Randy Carlisle who put him together with Perry and Ryan. Who are we going to put Getz with in Montreal? The only two players I can think of is Pacci and Cole. (Yes i know the thought of all 3 on a line is making us all excited). But by putting him with those two players, we will still only become an 7,8th place team.
We need to trade players like Pleckanec,Gill, Weber, Campoli, Moen, Darche, and Kaberle. Some of these players are extremely liked in the city but now is the time where you can acquire something THAT YOU NEED. DRAFT PICKS/PROSPECTS!!!!!
Gauthier, Timmins and the rest of the ex Senators staff needs to go. We have enough alumni that can help us come over this hump. We need to build through the draft. We have no choice with a $7.4M contract hanging over us in Gomez and a $5M contract in Gionta.
If we want to contend, this is the way to do it. We need to be savvy in the draft and creative in our trades. We need to find those diamond in the roughs a la Red Wings.

Question for all of you:
Does anyone here think we are a better team on paper than the Carbo year where we finished top of our conference?
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January 21, 2012 1:59 PM ET | Delete
Getzlaf would eat montreals heart out with gomez's pitching arm, and coles willingness to bang
January 21, 2012 4:49 PM ET | Delete
Getzlaf helps montreals future now, Wihtin 2 years montreal should be a Thriving young club and that is only two years, Getzlaf will be better with cole and they could help our young guys really well
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