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"Mike Rizzo"
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With Atlanta moving to Winnipeg this year the NHL is faced with a dilemma for the 2012-2013 season (as the NHL has come out and said Winnipeg will be in the Southeast Division for just this upcoming season before switching to the West). With that being said the NHL needs one more team in the east to make the conferences even. Being a Red Wings fan obviously selfishly I am hoping that the NHL moves the Wings to the Eastern Conference, but let us all be honest and admit moving Nashville to the Eastern Conference Southeast division would be the easiest thing for everyone involved. Minnesota would then move to the Central Division with Winnipeg going to the Northwest.
Now the elephant in the room is Phoenix what happens to the Coyotes after next season I highly doubt the city of Glendale will be willing to drop 25 million dollars to the NHL every single season and there is only so much the fans can take with all the speculation every year of the Coyotes moving. Again in my opinon I believe strongly the Coyotes will be relocating to Quebec or a darkhorse Seattle. If the Coyotes move to Quebec then things get even more complicated. The NHL can not afford to keep moving teams one way or another the NHL needs to solve these issues with the Southbelt teams so every single season the fans of these teams do not have to have their hearts ripped out like the Atlanta fans did this year.
I want your thoughts on this am I a idiot with my opinion or do you agree?
Until next week GO WINGS!
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